Design, engineering, support of the construction of ships and floating structures

Design of new vessels
Technical support of construction
Modernization and re-equipment of the existing fleet
Support of the existing fleet to meet the modern requirements of IMO and other international organizations


Technical assistance during construction of ships and floating facilities

DB “Fleet project” offers services to shipowners, shipyards and general contractors for technical assistance during construction of new ships of different classes, oil and gas off-shore facilities and offshore structures.

Projects on modernization and reequipment of ships

Very often, during operation, shipowners have a necessity to reequip and modernize their ships. For more than 10 years of the history, DB “Fleet project” has amassed a wealth of experience in modernization of different classes of ships, oil rigs and floating facilities that allows to offer to shipowners custom solutions which will allow to prepare their fleet for performing operational commitment asap at minimum cost.

Calculation of energy efficiency for ships EEXI, CII

Since 2023, IMO requirements for compliance of ships with requirements on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions will come into effect:

  • EEXI – index of achieved energy efficiency for existing ships;
  • CII – ship’s carbon intensity index;
  • DB “Fleet project” is ready to render services for calculation of EEXI, analysis of obtained index and offer technologies which will allow to achieve required EEXI and execute EEXI Technical file.

Development of technical and working documentation for new ships

Services for designing new ships cover all the stages – from formation of a technical task to development of working construction documentation and designer supervision in the process of construction.
DB “Fleet project” has experience in designing different classes of ships: technical, cargo and passenger fleet.                                                  
When designing, the following up-to-date CAD software is used: Cadmatic, AVEVA.

Projects of loading/unloading, hauling and transportation of bulky cargo

The specialists of the Flotproekt Design Bureau have accumulated extensive experience in developing projects for loading/unloading and transporting heavy cargo to the shelf of the Caspian Sea - offshore structures, drilling platform modules and other oversized structures. We will help the customer to determine the best option for loading and transportation: by rolling on a cargo pontoon, loading by crane on a cargo ship or transporting cargo afloat. We will develop and carry out coordination with the Classification Society of the draft stage in the shortest possible time.


Ozernykh Andrey
General Director
Vostrikov Vladimir
Technical Director
Lipatova Natalya
Deputy General Director for design work

Our customers


Participation in Congress V “Hydraulic engineering utilities and dredging”
Congress V "Hydraulic engineering utilities and dredging" organized by media group “Portnews” took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on February 16-17, 2022.
Keel Laying Ceremony for dredger pontoons of project FPHB1

01.07.2021 Keel Laying Ceremony for dredger pontoons of project FPHB1

A solemn keel laying ceremony simultaneously for two dredger pontoons took place at the shipyard “Lotus” that are being constructed by forces of “Stroyleaderplus” as per project FPHB1 developed within the shortest time period by specialists of the design bureau “Fleet project”. The ship shall be designed and constructed under surveillance of the Russian River Register for Class “<span style="font-family: wingding; font-size: 18px;">X</span>  О 2.0”.

Cadmatic licenses obtaining

16.04.2021 Cadmatic licenses obtaining

To increase the workforce productivity and optimization of processes during performance of design and engineering work and development of working documentation, the management of the design bureau “Fleet project” has taken a decision to integrate an automated 3D and 2D design system from a leading developer in the field of shipbuilding – Cadmatic.

The software suite includes all the necessary modules that let perform sketch design, technical, working designing or development of production documentation.


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